Positioning in the product range Obligations » Zone euro
AMF Classification Obligations et autres titres de créance libellés en euro
Share class denomination ID
ISIN Code FR0010213413
Legal nature FCP
Accum. / Distrib. Distribution
Currency EUR
Nature of the mutual funds UCITS
Maximum management fees (taxes included) 2.00%
Outperformance commission (taxes included) Néant
First subscription minimum investment in 1000nth of share
Next subscription 0.01 EUR
Centralizing institution CACEIS BANK
Dealing deadline (cut off time) Tous les jours ouvrés jusqu'à 11:00, heure de Paris.
Applied NAV per share J
Settlement and delivery D+3
Entrance fees acquired to the fund None
Entrance fees acquired to the management company 2.75%
Exit fees acquired to the fund None
Exit fees acquired to the management company None
Ticker Bloomberg FIOBECD FP

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