Positioning in the product range Actions » Zone euro
AMF Classification Actions des pays de la zone euro
Share class denomination N
ISIN Code FR0010288308
Legal nature FCP
Applied NAV per share at 01/31/2023 1,942.25 EUR
Valuation frequency Quotidien
Net asset part at 01/31/2023 376,368,039.90 EUR
Net asset fund at 01/31/2023 1,110,100,041.96 EUR
Benchmark MSCI EMU Small Caps clôture (dividendes nets réinvestis)
Date of agreement 04/15/1994
Recommended investment horizon Supérieure à 5 ans

Level of risk (SRI) *

  • Low
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • High

Investment strategy

Notre politique d’investissement vise à sélectionner les entreprises en croissance ayant des modèles économiques jugés créateurs de valeur économique et sociétale, au sein de l’univers des actions de petites et moyennes capitalisations. Notre gestion suit une approche de convictions basée sur la sélection de titres visant à accompagner le... Read more

* Based on asset class and fund's charateristics.
From 1 January 2023, European regulations (PRIIPs) strengthen investor protection. It provides for the delivery or availability of a key information document (KID PRIIPS) by Groupama AM for individuals. This new document replaces the UCIT KIID.
One of the characteristics of this regulation, which will now appear in the KID, is the definition of a new synthetic risk indicator (SRI) instead of the SRRI in the KIID.
SRI is the new global indicator of the risk level of the product resulting from the combination of two risks: market risk and credit risk (while the former SRRI indicator was based solely on market risk)

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